Canadian Observatory on Homelessness
June 08, 2017

Having a valid piece of identification is a necessity that many of us take for granted.

In Canada, a parent or a legal guardian must go through the process of securing documentation and identification for their dependants at a very young age, including the birth certificate. For many adults, the responsibilities of renewing one’s health card, driver’s licence or filling out a SIN number for a job application are often overlooked as some of the many miniscule chores they must do as an...

Calgary Homeless Foundation
May 12, 2017

The present blog post is the first in a two-part series on social assistance. The series is inspired by recent data captured in Alberta’s 2016 Point-in-Time Count of Homelessness suggesting that just a small percentage of persons experiencing homelessness in Calgary receive social assistance (see point #7 of this previous post).



With contributions from Lesley McMillan, Program Director, A Way Home Canada

I’m excited about this week! Over the course of one week, I not only get to celebrate my birthday, but I also get to help host a group of thoughtful, passionate and determined folks that make up the National Learning Community on Youth Homelessness (LC).

The LC’s annual meeting is happening between May 10 and 12 in...

Homeless Hub
November 10, 2016
Categories: Ask the Hub

This question was asked anonymously via our latest website survey: "What do we know about veteran homelessness in Canada and what is being done to address this issue?"

Veteran homelessness is a growing issue in Canada. The State of Homelessness in Canada 2016 reports that there are 2,950 veterans staying in shelters, making up 2.2% of annual shelter users....

Recently there has been a growing focus on the problem of youth homelessness. More and more people are recognizing the scope of the problem, and are expressing a desire to do something about it. Today we’ve released the Canadian Definition of Youth Homelessness to support this work.

You might be thinking: “Why do we need a definition of youth homelessness? Isn’t it clear? They are young. They are homeless.” Well, there’s...

Is now the right time for a more robust federal investment on youth homelessness? Today, the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness has released a policy brief where we make the case that there is now an opportunity for the Government of Canada to work with community partners to address youth homelessness in a much more strategic and effective manner. The policy brief both highlights that in the first three years of the...

Calgary Homeless Foundation
February 18, 2016

Le 1er février, j’ai fait une présentation sur l’itinérance adressée aux étudiants du séminaire d’études supérieures de monsieur Steve Pomeroy à la School of Public Policy and Administration à l’Université Carleton. Le thème de ma présentation a été l’émergence de l’itinérance au Canada en tant que domaine politique publique pressant dans les années 1980. J’ai discuté la croissance de l’itinérance, les...

Calgary Homeless Foundation
February 18, 2016

On February 1, I gave a guest presentation on homelessness to a graduate seminar class on housing policy taught by Steve Pomeroy at Carleton University’s School of Public Policy and Administration. The focus of my presentation was the emergence of homelessness in Canada as a pressing public policy area in the 1980s. I discussed the growth of homelessness, policy responses and advocacy. My slides from the...

Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association
September 17, 2013

While some communities have been applauding a decline in homelessness over the past several years across Canada, not all cities have had the same trends. As this infographic demonstrates, Kitchener-Waterloo saw an increased need for the use of services for homelessness between 2008-2012. The Homeless to Housing Stability Reports found that part of the increase in homelessness in Kitchener-Waterloo was due...

York University
September 10, 2012
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What is in a definition? Leading policy makers, service providers and researchers from across the country have long lamented the fact that Canada has no national definition of homelessness. The feeling has been that there is a need for an agreed upon definition of homelessness in order to provide all levels of government and community groups with a framework for understanding and describing homelessness, and a means of identifying goals, strategies and interventions, as well as measuring...

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