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York University
April 14, 2014

Those who work in the homelessness sector are well aware that individuals are often discharged from hospitals and mental health facilities into homelessness. There are two main consequences to this. First, the mental health and well-being of such individuals is likely to worsen if discharged into homelessness rather than housing, and second, staff in emergency shelters and day programs are not well-equipped to provide...

Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association
July 28, 2013

Yesterday, the United Nations marked World Hepatitis Day, a day to “prevent and defeat hepatitis”, a virus infection that affects 1 in 3 people around the world. This number is much smaller for most people in Canada. However, it continues to be quite prevalent amongst those experiencing homelessness. Hepatitis refers to 5 viruses (labeled A through E). The studies in this post focused on...

Canadian Observatory on Homelessness/Homeless Hub; York University
July 16, 2013

It’s hot out there! Most of Canada is expected to experience a heat wave, or near heat wave conditions for much of this week. Already this year we’ve seen deaths of children in Ontario and Alberta after they were forgotten in a vehicle for a short time. According to San Francisco State University, 20 children in the US have died in cars already this year; 33 died last year.

Typically, concerns for homeless people and other vulnerable...

Last week I was in Whitehorse where I released a peer-reviewed policy report on poverty in Yukon. The report was part of the much larger Social Economy Research Network of Northern Canada project.

Report findings include the following:

- Ignoring poverty can be quite costly, as has been clearly demonstrated by research on...


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