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Over two hundred years ago, Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Since that time, most people have come to understand the importance of prevention in dealing with major social, economic, and health problems.  For instance, it is better to prevent cancer, measles, the flu, or other illnesses than have to deal with the consequences. This kind of thinking has influenced how we approach crime, road safety, and many other problems.

So how about...

Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, York University
April 06, 2017

For many years, we have known that youth experiencing homelessness face significant mental health challenges. However, it wasn’t until the release of Without a Home: The National Youth Homelessness Survey (2016) that we learned about the national scale of this issue. The mental health findings of this pan-Canadian study are shocking:

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Canadian Observatory on Homelessness
February 23, 2017

Communities across Canada are promisingly moving towards eliminating homelessness. Provinces such as Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and Newfoundland and Labrador have put together strategies to end homelessness. Locally, Medicine Hat is gaining attention for ending chronic homelessness. But what does ending homelessness mean and how do we know we’ve ended it? Now, we’re beginning to answer that question.

In a major step forward, we, along with the School of Public Policy at the University...

Canadian Observatory on Homelessness
January 18, 2017

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Identifying and prioritizing adults experiencing chronic and episodic homelessness are two core components of the federal Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS) and many local Housing First plans. In 2015, a task...

Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, York University
November 16, 2016

Thank you to the Home Depot Canada Foundation who generously funded this study and report. With their support, we have a better collective understanding of youth homelessness in Canada.

Today, the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness and A Way Home Canada release Without a Home: The National Youth Homelessness Survey. As the first pan-Canadian study of youth homelessness, Without a Home provides a comprehensive picture of...

Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, York University
October 20, 2016

Today,Media Folder: Media Root the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness and the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness are releasing The State of Homelessness in Canada 2016. In this year’s report, we consider how - through the introduction of a National Housing Strategy – we can...

Media Folder: Media RootThe new book, "Pandemic Preparedness and Homelessness: Lessons from H1N1 in Canada" looks at responses to the recent outbreak in four cities across the country. Below, the book's editors Kristy Buccieri and Rebecca Schiff discuss...

With contributions from Kym Hines, Terrie Meehan, and Emily Paradis, on behalf of the Lived Experience Advisory Council.

Today—as all eyes turn toward the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Housing Ministers’ meeting and the Super Intent City court decision in Victoria, BC—a network of lived experience leaders from across the country is calling for the leadership and...

A Way Home
June 09, 2016

Last summer I was fortunate to meet Leilani Farha, the UN Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing, at a conference concerning the legal needs of street youth. I hung on to her every word, as it makes so much sense to ground our arguments and strategies concerning youth homelessness in international human rights law.

Just last week the Canadian...

I am pleased to announce the launch of a free and open-source online resource to support communities and planners in their quests to develop and implement comprehensive plans to prevent and end youth homelessness, the Youth Homelessness Community Planning Toolkit.

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