A Way Home
February 21, 2018

In 2013, a handful of Canadian national and local partners working on housing and homelessness came together with the support of the Catherine Donnelly Foundation to launch a national pilot project called “Mobilizing Local Capacity to End Youth Homelessness (MLC).” The intent of the pilot was to support up to 10 communities, with populations of...

This blog is the first of a series in which Jonathan Robart and Kaitlin Schwan explore the relationships between housing law and homelessness in Canada.

Research has consistently demonstrated linkages between intimate partner violence (IPV) and homelessness. A 2008 study in Edmonton found that “[h]aving abusive relationships and housing problems (62...

Fair Change Community Legal Clinic
July 26, 2017

When it came into force in 2000, the Ontario Safe Streets Act (SSA) was a reactionist policy to the increasing visibility of individuals experiencing homelessness across Ontario’s cities, particularly those who would panhandle or squeegee. In an effort to deter those activities, the Act prohibits solicitation in specified spaces and any solicitation in an “aggressive manner.” The fines associated with each offence can be...

Convergence. This is a good way to describe what is happening in Ontario. Things are starting to align in ways that can allow us to go further faster in moving the dial on youth homelessness, but we have to be strategic in how we maximize these opportunities.

So what’s changed? In January 2015, Ontario established an Expert Advisory Panel on Homelessness to provide advice on how to achieve the goal of ending homelessness under the province’s Poverty...

York University; Canadian Observatory on Homelessness/Homeless Hub
March 18, 2015

Like homelessness, poverty has many faces. The below infographic, published as part of TVO’s Why Poverty series, takes a look at the changing face of poverty in Ontario. The piece draws heavily from a 2011 Mowat Centre report on how single adults are replacing single parents as the new face of poverty in Canada. 

York University; Canadian Observatory on Homelessness/Homeless Hub
November 26, 2014

Poverty is an issue that needs to be addressed through investments in the right supports. There are common structural gaps in our social safety net that indicate the absence of adequate supports. These gaps include adequate access to healthcare and...

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