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Calgary Homeless Foundation
May 12, 2017

The present blog post is the first in a two-part series on social assistance. The series is inspired by recent data captured in Alberta’s 2016 Point-in-Time Count of Homelessness suggesting that just a small percentage of persons experiencing homelessness in Calgary receive social assistance (see point #7 of this previous post).



York University; Canadian Observatory on Homelessness
March 20, 2017
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It’s hard to believe that in a country as prosperous as Canada, homelessness is such a widely pervasive issue. On any given night, 35,000 Canadians are homeless and at least 235,000 people experience homelessness in a year. For some, this reality is often difficult to rationalize. Because we live in a prosperous country (ranking #9 on the UN’s Human Development Index) and due to...

York University; Canadian Observatory on Homelessness/Homeless Hub
October 14, 2015

This week’s infographic, published by the City of Toronto, takes a look at the need for a poverty reduction strategy in Canada’s largest city.

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The infographic states...

York University; Canadian Observatory on Homelessness/Homeless Hub
March 18, 2015

Like homelessness, poverty has many faces. The below infographic, published as part of TVO’s Why Poverty series, takes a look at the changing face of poverty in Ontario. The piece draws heavily from a 2011 Mowat Centre report on how single adults are replacing single parents as the new face of poverty in Canada. 

York University; Canadian Observatory on Homelessness/Homeless Hub
October 15, 2014

It’s true that the challenges Canadians face with food insecurity are different from the challenges felt by countries in the global south. However, the call to reduce hunger resonates. On this World Food Day, let’s take a look at how housing affordability and the housing market are related to food access. The below infographic, published by the...

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