Tue, 05/23/2017
518 Church St. Toronto, ON. Canada

The Dream Team has been working on the “Safe at Home” project (funded by the City of Toronto) to create awareness about Housing Unit Takeovers (HUTs) in the GTA.

We have analyzed some very compelling surveys, interviews, focus groups, and commentary from prior roundtables to produce our final report. It will be available shortly. We have also developed a compelling model to understand the complex interplay of factors that contribute HUTs, barriers that impact possible solutions, and potential policy pieces that might be effective. In our final report, we want to include your thoughts on how to actually implement some of the intervention and prevention strategies, and other courses of action that we have determined are needed to end HUTs.

Our objective for this roundtable is very practical. We want to enlist your ideas about our actions going forward, and address ethical or other concerns that our recommendations might present.

At the roundtable we will provide you with our executive summary, reveal our outreach materials and strategy, and breakout into groups to discuss our 8 top recommendations including:

  • Proactive community measures – how do we make people feel at home and part of a community?
  • Help at-risk vulnerable tenants understand their choices better – includes intake/Assessment (Takeover Vulnerability Assessment Tool (TVAT)
  • Interagency Advocacy Council - begin consultations leading to an ongoing collaborative stakeholder council on HUTs

Please RSVP and/or direct inquiries to:

Eric Weissman Ph.D. at

Thank You

Eric Weissman Ph.D.

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