Recovery Awareness Day Hamilton
Wed, 09/13/2017
15:00 - 19:30 EDT
Pier 4 Park 64 Leander Drive Hamilton, ON

Since 2006, Hamilton addiction services have hosted an annual event to celebrate recovery awareness month. The day includes fellowship and the celebration of women, men and youth who are on their journey to recovery from addiction. Recognition awards are presented to individuals who are providing strong examples of recovery through their contribution to increasing public awareness about addictions, reducing stigma, and their active service to others in recovery. Many addiction services in the city are involved in the planning and service providers celebrate along with community partners, family members and individuals who may be at any stage on their journey of recovery. Year after year, our voices of experience have delivered powerful and inspiring words, art, and music that resonate, motivate and evoke hope throughout the room.

The Recovery Awareness Day committee is preparing for our 11th Recovery Awareness Day in Hamilton and we are going to try something different with a free outdoor event. We hope that you will join us in celebrating this year!

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