18. I brave enough to leave

18. I brave enough to leave

1 brave enough to leave

2 stand up to abuser

3 children altogether 
two younger brothers and myself

4 new life as a crown ward 
Ontario as my guardian

5 needs met according to Maslow
 physiological (S),
 environmental (NI), 
sociological (NI), 
psychological (NI), 
and spiritual (NI)

6 girls in the group home
7 names I have been called 
Kryptonite, Bitch, Shakey, Hussy, 
then finally Mom, Grammy and Mimi

8 last school grade completed

9 - 12 skipped

First Year College Straight A’s

AUTHORS: Cheryl Duggan
EDITOR: Inclusion Working Group, Canadian Observatory on Homelessness
PUBLISHER: Canadian Observatory on Homelessness