Ending homelessness faster by focusing on 'what works'

Ending homelessness faster by focusing on 'what works'

Towards a world-leading centre for homelessness impact: Outline business case and feasibility study

Why do a feasibility study?

Changing the way we work won’t be easy; the barriers to evidence uptake are many and complex. This is why Crisis and GHN believe that we need to create a dedicated body that is sector led and owned to help ensure evidence is at the heart of the solutions we develop to prevent or tackle homelessness.

Crisis and GHN knew that to make a difference the Centre would have to be shaped by the people and organisations who could potentially benefit from its activities from the very beginning. That’s why a feasibility study was commissioned.

Between April and September 2016 we travelled far and wide to get as many of your views as possible. We had hundreds of rich conversations with people working towards ending homelessness in Scotland, elsewhere in the UK and beyond. We also talked to change- makers working in the realm of evidence- based practice in other fields. We learned many valuable insights that shaped our proposals and which we share in this report.

This feasibility study shows that the project is necessary, that it is timely, and that delivering it is possible. We know that this is a bold and ambitious project. This report is but the first major step in a process of design, fundraising, and implementation.