Guide to Living with Roommates

Guide to Living with Roommates

Are you living (or looking to live) with Roommates?

For many people who are renting, getting a roommate is a way to make it affordable.

A greater and increasing proportion of households are roommate situations. The Residential Tenancy Act has gaps when applied to roommates: legal issues related to subletting and joint tenancies; inadequate paperwork; lack of knowledge of the legal options; and lack of protection and avenues to pursue if things go wrong.

The RentSmart Roommate Guide is for anyone who has roommates and housemates now or will in the future. It will:

  1. Help increase successful roommate situations.
  2. Provide information on why people have roommates, how to choose a good roommate, how to be a good roommate, roommate agreements, common roommate issues, and what to do when things don’t work out.
  3. Give you a list of where to go for help when issues arise.
  4. Help you understand what you need to know about roommates and housemates.
  5. Allow you to have peace of mind so you can enjoy your home with a roommate(s).