Improving Emotional and Behavioral Outcomes for LGBT Youth: A Guide for Professionals

Improving Emotional and Behavioral Outcomes for LGBT Youth: A Guide for Professionals

Despite growing social acceptance, many young people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) experience harassment and bullying, family rejection, and social stigmatization—putting them at high risk for depression and other mental health challenges. Answers can be found in this book, which provides a road map to practices, interventions, and policies that will make a positive difference for LGBT youth and their families. (Authors)

Offeringclear and practical information not available in any other volume, thisbook gives readers the research-based knowledge and recommendedpractices they need to work toward a stronger system of care andservices and supports for LGBT youth and their families. Mental healthadministrators, policy makers, program developers, and schoolpsychologists will:

  • discover 10 guiding principles of knowledgeable, sensitive, and responsive systems of care for LGBT youth
  • deepen their understanding of the development and expression of sexual identity
  • provide culturally and linguistically responsive services and supports (includes a helpful self-assessment checklist)
  • develop interventions that foster resilience, increase assets and strengths, and mitigate risk factors
  • reduce the incidence of suicide-related and self-harming behavior
  • address the needs of LGBT youth who are homeless
  • involve young people and families in the planning and implementation of services and supports
  • successfully blend formal mental health services and natural supports
  • provide effective support for LGBT youth and their families in schools and out-of-home care settings
  • use social marketing as a tool to reduce discrimination and promote social inclusion

This book equips readers with the very latest research findings, specificpractice and policy recommendations, and reliable Internet resources tohelp professionals support young people who are LGBT and their familiesas they achieve positive mental health and become increasinglyresilient.

With this urgently needed guide to evidence-based, family-driven,youth-guided, and culturally and linguistically competent practices andpolicies, mental health and other professionals will advance systems ofcare that improve outcomes for LGBT youth and their families. (Authors)

PUBLISHER: Paul H. Brookes Publishing Company
LOCATION: Baltimore, Maryland