LGBTQ2S Youth Housing and Shelter Guidelines

LGBTQ2S Youth Housing and Shelter Guidelines

This set of guidelines aims improve the inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning and two-spirited (LGBTQ2S) youth across the housing and homelessness system. Included in this document is a glossary of terms, a sample gender-inclusive intake form, and an exercise for assessing personal bias.

Making housing and shelter spaces safer for LGBTQ2S youth is a priority. Government and community partners in the youth homeless serving sector are pleased to work together to provide this important resource to support Albertans working with LGBTQ2S homeless youth.

Since October 2014, the LGBTQ2S Youth Homelessness Working Group has been convening to develop and support the implementation of strategies that support LGBTQ2S homeless youth in Alberta. Additionally, the Working Group supported

Dr. Alex Abramovich (a LGBTQ2S Youth Homelessness researcher and expert) in developing A Focused Response to Prevent and End LGBTQ2S Youth Homelessness. Recommendation three from this report is to “Create provincial housing/shelter standards that focus on working with and meeting the needs of LGBTQ2S young people.” While the Guidelines are not standards or regulations, and will not be applied as such, they do support this recommendation by providing information that will help individuals and organizations best meet the needs of LGBTQ2S homeless youth.

ORGANIZATION: The Government of Alberta
LOCATION: Alberta, Canada