Karen Sherbut

President and Co-Founder
Organization/University:Safe Haven Foundation of Canada
Life wasn't always carefree and easy going for Karen Sherbut (nee Barrett), growing up in Winnipeg Manitoba, life came with its own set of challenges that ultimately lead Karen to quest for more. Her passion for what later became the Safe Haven Foundation of Canada was ignited by her less than ideal childhood and upbringing, and those who she credits to this day with helping her persevere through trying times.

Her struggles and resilient nature cultivated a young women whose concerns and first hand experience prepared her for the role of her life; a role model, mentor and activist. A role that would ultimately change the lives of many young women, their families and loved ones and impact the Sherbut family immensely.

When Karen meet the love her life John they were unaware of the impact they were about to create and the legacy they will leave behind. In 1996 the Safe Haven Foundation of Canada was born, its goal to help keep at risk teenage girls of the streets and out of a life of betrayal, abuse and misguided loyalties. Their pilot project Haven’s Way (formerly known as Safe Haven Foundation Lifelong Homes) provided a safe place for the girls to live and receive support as they worked on overcoming their obstacles and barriers.

Through Karen’s guidance and leadership Safe Haven Foundation formed a partnership with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary to manage the operations of Haven’s Way which enabled Karen to take the Safe Haven Foundation to its next stage of growth and begin to provide long term funding to child and youth serving agencies, including Big Brothers big Sisters - Teen Mentoring Program, Boys & Girls Clubs of Calgary and Area, The Alex and Juno Foundation.

Karen's passion remains visible and reflective through the time she dedicates to volunteering her expertise and extensive knowledge, not only to the Safe Haven Foundation of Canada but also to the many boards and advisory roles she has undertaken over the years. Karen has had the privilege of serving on the National Board for Big Brothers Big Sisters for the past nine years as well as being active on such past committees as Strategic Planning and Fund Development. Karen currently sits on the Board Effectiveness Committee and the Awards Committee and serves as the Alberta Regional Director. Her time is now divided between family responsibilities, volunteerism, and the building of a new company with her husband.

Calgary is now home to Karen and her husband John, however their adventurous spirit doesn’t allow for much idle time. Her love for her family, cooking and travelling are the perfect compliment to a perfectly lovely human being.
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