2008 Count of Homeless Persons in Calgary

A separate Executive Summary for this report also exists. The method used was the same as in previous years. However, in 2008, homeless people were more widely distributed across Calgary making it difficult to get a good estimate and cross section. A total of 61 facilities and 11 service agencies participated in this biennial count. A total of 4,060 people were believed to be absolutely homeless; 3195 were staying in facilities and 296 were counted by service agencies. Of these latter two groups, 78% were male and 22% female. 62% were Caucasian, 15% Aboriginal and 11% were of visible minorities. There were 197 families counted by facilities, of which 190 had two or more children. Estimates are that 569 individuals were living on the streets of Calgary.

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Summary Credit:
Homelessness-Related Research Capacities in Alberta: A Comprehensive Environmental Scan, prepared by Dr. Katharina Kovacs Burns, MSc, MHSA, PhD and Dr. Solina Richter, PhD, RN for The Alberta Homelessness Research Consortium (2010)

Publication Date: 
Calgary, AB, Canada