2018 Affordable Housing Budget Expenditure Highlights in Canada 

2018 has seen a significant amount of change and investment in social, non-profit, and affordable housing across the country. In the context of a dynamic and changing housing policy framework across the country, this report examines the commitments made by provinces and territories in their respective 2018-2019 budgets and highlights recent housing announcements and initiatives underway within specific provinces and territories.
Although it is not meant to be exhaustive of all measures and policies directly impacting the social, non-profit, and affordable housing sector, the aim of the report is to provide a snapshot of budgetary and related housing developments thus far in 2018, and where possible, offers a glimpse into expected high level housing policy developments in each jurisdiction.
It should also be noted that in November 2017 the federal government released the National Housing Strategy, which contained $40 billion in investments in affordable housing over the next 10 years.
A number of measures contained in the Strategy require cost-matching from provinces and territories. In April 2018, federal, provincial and territorial Ministers responsible for housing (with the exception of Québec) endorsed a multilateral Housing Partnership Framework. Bilateral agreements have begun to be signed, which will specify how provinces and territories will deliver and cost-match federal funds for National Housing Strategy programming.
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