At Home Early Findings Report - Volume 1 - April 2011

In the spirit of openness, this initial At Home/Chez Soi Early Findings report is designed to share project knowledge from various sources with community partners and other interested people. This knowledge is being shared without compromising the design of the research study.

This report provides a balanced picture of what we have learned so far, with the understanding that results may change over time as more data is gathered.

Information about participants contained in this particular report is understood to pertain to early results and is based on a partial sample in the first year of the project. Differences across sites do not necessarily reflect differences in the homeless populations in the cities - they are sometimes due to specific definitions of who is being enrolled in the project.

Most of the findings within this report pertain to participants within the Housing First group. No comparisons with people in the treatment as usual group will be released until 12-month data is analyzed.

Chez Soi Rapport sur les résultats préliminaires - Volume 1 - Avril 2011 (PDF)

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