Trends & Issues in Affordable Housing & Homelessness

This publication, the fourth theme report published by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) as part of the Quality of Life Reporting System (QOLRS), focuses on trends related to housing and homelessness in 22 large and medium-sized municipalities and urban regions in Canada. The report’s focus is the period 2000-2006, with some reference to trends dating back to 1991.

As with other QOLRS publications, this report is driven by the following objectives:

• identify strategic issues and challenges facing cities across Canada with respect to housing and homelessness;

• illustrate these issues in terms of statistical trends;

• report on the most recently published and credible data; and

• describe actions being taken by Canadian municipalities in response to these challenges.

Read the Homeless Hub Research Summary of this study.

Publication Date: 
Ottawa, ON, Canada