Tuberculosis among Toronto’s Homeless and Underhoused Community in 2012

A total of six cases of tuberculosis (TB) were diagnosed in 2012 among Toronto’s homeless/underhoused community. Of the six cases, one was female and the others were male, 5 had pulmonary tuberculosis, and one had pulmonary and extrapulmonary disease. Four cases were Canadian-born non-Aboriginal, and the other two cases were born outside of Canada- one in Eritrea and the other in Mexico (Table 1). Four cases had fully sensitive tuberculosis, one had an INH-resistant strain, and one case did not have strain sensitivity data available. 

Toronto cases were included in this summary if they were diagnosed with tuberculosis in 2012; and their risk setting was “shelter” or "homeless shelter day drop-in/day program use", or risk factor was “underhoused/homeless”. This includes cases with historical use of shelters currently living in rooming houses. 
Method of Detection: All six cases self-presented for medical attention due to symptoms. 
Outcomes: As of July 19 2013, one case had died of a reason other than tuberculosis. A second case died with tuberculosis as a contributing factor but not the cause of death; this client was HIV positive and was immunocompromised due to AIDS. One case has successfully completed treatment, and the remaining three cases are still completing their TB treatment.
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