What We Learned About Poverty in B.C.

Between October 30, 2017, and March 31, 2018, government connected with people living in poverty and their friends, families and advocates, as well as community organizations, service providers, local governments, Indigenous communities, businesses, industry associations and unions.


This report reflects the voices of people from B.C. who participated in the poverty reduction consultation. They brought forward a wide range of experiences, ideas, opinions, comments and suggestions about how we can reduce poverty, reduce barriers, and build a better B.C.


The consultation was designed to give people multiple opportunities to participate. People were encouraged to share their experiences with honesty and openness, and to share their ideas for improvement, without restraint. The intention of holding a broad public engagement process was to ensure that we heard a wide range of ideas, but most importantly, the process was designed to facilitate the participation of people living in poverty whose voices too often go unheard.

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