Community Progress Indicators Report – St. John’s

Community Progress Indicator (CPI) Reports were developed to allow communities to better assess the progress of their collective efforts to reduce and prevent homelessness. Using a set of standard indicators, CPI reports will document the overall impact of these efforts over time. The approach was developed in 2011 in consultation with many communities, and provinces and territories, and is being piloted in six communities across the country. The Designated Community of St. John’s was selected as one of the pilot communities.

This first CPI Report is a work in progress and is intended to establish a baseline of data for future reports. The CPI Report can be refined as more data becomes available. Given that multiple year data is limited it is difficult to see trends. The current report focuses on 4 key areas identified as representative of a community’s progress in addressing homelessness: community affordability; community responsiveness; community demonstration of results; and community progress. Following the Pilot stage, subsequent reports will be modified and improved as more data becomes available.

Publication Date: 
St. John's, NL, Canada