Danger Zones and Stepping Stones: Young people's experiences of hidden homelessness

Depaul works to provide safe places for young people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness. Between periods of stable accommodation, young people experience varied, complex and sometimes unsafe living arrangements. This report examines these arrangements to nd more appropriate policy and service solutions to the problems posed by hidden homelessness.

The temporary living experiences of young people are often referred to using the term ‘sofa sur ng’. This research looks at how this phrase is understood by young people, practitioners and researchers in the eld of homelessness.

In this report, Depaul also proposes a new model, Danger Zones and Stepping Stones, for understanding temporary living arrangements and makes a series of recommendations – calling on policymakers and practitioners to improve the help offered to young people experiencing homelessness and for further research to be undertaken.

Publication Date: 
United Kingdom