Getting Ready to Teach Homelessness

What you should know if you plan to undertake homelessness as a topic in your classroom.

Getting Ready to Teach Homelessness

Preparing to Teach
In order to effectively engage students in learning about homelessness, it is important for teachers to prepare. The Homeless Hub provides a number of resources that educators can use to learn more about the subject matter. These resources include special plain language summaries of key issues and questions, an extensive resource library, videos and arts-based research. It is recommended that all teachers explore these resources, and familiarize themselves with the site. The key resources for teachers include:

Resources for Teachers - On the Homeless Hub’s Education page you will find Resources for Teachers. This tab takes you to a page with a large number of short, plain language resources that highlight key information about homelessness.

Topics – The Homeless Hub’s Topics section breaks down homelessness issues into key topics and subtopics. Each of these includes a non-technical description and list of related articles that will enhance the descriptive text provided. One can easily learn a lot about homelessness by simply browsing through the topics.

Experiences - The Experiences section of the Hub contains a number of first hand stories and accounts from people who have experienced homelessness. These are useful resources for educators, students and learners who want to go directly ‘to the source’.

Research Library - The Homeless Hub has the most extensive research library on homelessness in the world, with over 25,000 resources and counting. Search for articles, reports, videos and other resources.

Resources for Students - Many of these resources found in the For Students section For Students section of the Hub can also be used in as handouts and teaching resources. This section provides a lot of easy to understand information on homelessness, including short reports, Q and As, etc. Teachers are encouraged to direct students who wish to learn more about homelessness to the Homeless Hub and use the research library.

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