At Home/Chez Soi at a Glance: Fact Sheet

What are we investigating?

We are looking for the best combination of housing and supports to help homeless people with mental illness in five Canadian cities: Moncton, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver. What we learn will help policy makers better understand what needs to be done to solve chronic homelessness in Canada for people who experience mental illness.

Each city is using a Housing First approach. This means first providing housing, then the individualized supports needed. Each city is also investigating target sub-populations and issues:

Moncton- People in a rapidly growing small city with a shortage of mental health services with a focus on the rural population
Montreal- Outcomes for people related to vocational interventions
Toronto- People from different ethno-racial backgrounds
Winnipeg- Urban Aboriginal people
Vancouver- People who also have substance use issues

Some of the questions we are hoping to answer include:

 - Does Housing First work, and for whom?
 - Does Housing First work in various Canadian contexts?
 - What are the necessary ingredients for Housing First success?
 - What are the outcomes for people receiving Housing First supports through the project?
 - How much does it cost to provide Housing First and how does it compare to the cost for the kinds of community services that exist now?

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