Implementation and Fidelity Evaluation of the Mental Health Commission of Canada's At Home/Chez Soi Project: Cross-Site Report

This report presents the overall findings from an implementation and fidelity evaluation of the At Home/Chez Soi initiative, a pan-Canadian Housing First demonstration project presently being implemented in Moncton, Montréal, Toronto, Winnipeg, and Vancouver. The present study examined the first phase of implementation, using a mixed methods strategy. In particular, the study sought to understand the extent to which the interventions met fidelity standards, to better understand the reasons behind implementation successes and challenges, and to appreciate how the interventions have been adapted to local contexts. The quantitative data were gathered by an external Quality Assurance team, which produced 10 fidelity reports for the 5 sites (excluding site-specific arms), and a summary report. In addition, a national key informant report and site qualitative implementation evaluation reports were produced. The present report synthesizes these, and presents findings related to: (1) key intervention logic model ingredients; (2) what’s working well and not well in implementation, (3) adaptations to local context, and (4) cross-cutting themes and lessons learned.

This report also includes a Key Messages document and an Executive Summary at the beginning.

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