Red Deer - Report to the Community: Homelessness & Affordable Housing Initiatives 2008-2010

The work in Red Deer on homelessness, affordable housing, and other housing issues is decidedly a community effort. In this report, we’ll explore the range of projects and solutions being pursued in Red Deer and the players who are doing the work. We’ll report on the allocation and use of federal and provincial funds aimed at addressing housing and homelessness needs. But we’d also like to paint you a comprehensive picture of all housing and homelessness work in the community: its history, the players, the planning, and how it all comes together in a community approach. We’ll put faces to the individuals and families the work is for, and we’ll share stories about some of the paths into and out of homelessness, which is important to understand if we want to prevent homelessness in the future. Then we’ll show you the progress Red Deer has made so far, and the next steps. But first, let’s meet some of the players.

Publication Date: 
Red Deer, AB, Canada