Serving Displaced and Food Insecure Students in the CSU

In February 2015, California State University Chancellor Timothy White commissioned a study to shed light on how CSU campuses were meeting the needs of displaced and food insecure students and to offer recommendations to ensure success and graduation for these students. Methods A mixed methods approach was utilized, including open-ended interviews and focus groups with CSU staff, faculty, and administrators, and CSULB students, survey, and document analysis. Key Findings x Staff, faculty, and administrators estimated displaced students at 8.7% and food insecure students at 21%; however, student survey results showed a higher population (12% and 24%) x 11 campuses had programs for food insecure students ranging from small pantries to large food programs and services. One campus had a program directed at displacement. x 5 campuses incorporate students’ needs as a part of student success directives and the university mission; however, many campus personnel expressed aspirational thinking to support students restrained by actual or perceived institutional barriers. x Students who experienced food and/or housing instability reported high levels of stress and the need for single points of contact.

Publication Date: 
California, USA