Unhoused in Toronto: The delivery and experience of hospital healthcare services for homeless people

It is well established within the research literature that a lack of adequate housing has health impacts. To be unhoused, homeless, is to experience a daily struggle for safe and secure shelter; this struggle poses a direct barrier to a person’s ability to maintain their physical and mental health as well as their ability to take part in routine medical care and adhere to medical treatment regimes. People that are homeless experience disproportionately poorer health which is associated with frequent use of hospitals and longer hospital stays. Also, a person who is without housing faces circumstances which are atypical of the majority of people seeking healthcare at a hospital. The healthcare system, specifically care delivered by a hospital, must recognize that homeless people experience acute and chronic illnesses that are not necessarily the same for people who are adequately housed (Khandor et al., 2011).
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada