Waiting Lists Survey 2013: ONPHA’S Report on Waiting Lists Statistics for Ontario

Since 2004, Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association (ONPHA) has conducted an annual survey to learn how many households are waiting for rent-geared-to-income housing in Ontario. In 2012, more households were waiting for housing than ever before.

  • 158,445 households were waiting for RGI housing as of December 31, 2012. That's 3.05 per cent of households in Ontario.
  • 18,378 households moved into RGI housing in 2012 and waited an average of 3.2 years. 
  • For every household housed, more than two households had their applications cancelled and three new applications were received. 
  • As the population ages, the demand for RGI seniors' housing is growing.
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Ontario, Canada