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York University; Canadian Observatory on Homelessness/Homeless Hub
February 24, 2016

This week’s infographic, created by Seattle University’s Project on Family Homelessness, focuses on adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and their relation to adult homelessness. The project is based out of the university’s Center for Strategic Communications, and focuses on spreading awareness about the causes of family homelessness, as well as potential solutions to the problem....

Calgary Homeless Foundation
September 29, 2015

Media Folder: Media RootI recently gave a presentation at Raising the Roof’s Child & Family Homelessness Stakeholder Summit in Toronto. My slide deck can be downloaded here. To...
Canadian Observatory on Homelessness/Homeless Hub: York University
February 27, 2015
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This question came from Joy via our latest website survey. Though she specifically asked about divorce, I’ll respond with information on general relationship breakdown as well, as not all people are legally married.

Oh, how I wish I could just give you statistics. Due to the complicated nature of homelessness and inaccurate population counts, we don’t have solid numbers on how divorce and relationship/family breakdown contribute to homelessness.

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Canadian Observatory on Homelessness/Homeless Hub: York University
December 05, 2014
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Due to the complex nature of homelessness—and our inability to count everyone experiencing it—the statistics vary on how many senior women are homeless.

From what we can tell, they are not a majority of the homeless population. According to the National Shelter Study (2009), 8.3% of residents were over 55.  Of these, 80% were men. (Because this study only includes people in the shelter system, there are many...

Canadian Observatory on Homelessness/Homeless Hub: York University
November 14, 2014
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While it’s true that many single-parent families (overwhelmingly led by women) are at risk of becoming homeless, the family structure itself isn’t to blame.

Homelessness, as we’ve covered in Homelessness 101, has many causes. These include structural issues (such as lack of affordable housing), systems failure (such as lack of support for newcomers and refugees), and individual factors (...

York University; Canadian Observatory on Homelessness/Homeless Hub
November 12, 2014

There is a difference between having a place to sleep at night and place to call home. While many people who are homeless live on the streets and in shelters (although a growing trend that criminalizes homelessness may prevent homeless people from even sleeping on the streets), do these areas meet the definition of what a home is really supposed to be?...

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