2013 Street Needs Assessment Results

On April 17, 2013, the City of Toronto conducted the third Street Needs Assessment (SNA). Previous surveys were completed in 2006 and 2009. The 2013 SNA was done in partnership with more than 500 trained volunteers and team leaders from the community.

Almost two thousand 13-question surveys were successfully completed with individuals experiencing homelessness in Toronto. Surveys were conducted outdoors, in the shelter system (including City-administered shelters and those serving victims of domestic violence), hospitals and treatment centres, and correctional facilities.

The survey results provide a unique and valuable source of information about the service needs of some of Toronto's most vulnerable residents. Torontonians can use these insights as a way to better understand the experience of homelessness in their city and engage in the dialogue surrounding these issues.

This information is used to evaluate and improve the housing and homelessness support programs provided by the City of Toronto and its partners, and ultimately to move us closer to our end goal: closing the door on homelessness.

View the Report to the Community Development and Recreation Committee and Next Steps to Improve Services for Those Experiencing Homelessness

Publication Date: 
Toronto, ON, Canada