Community Plan 2011-2014: Homelessness Partnering Strategy - Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia

The Halifax CAB undertook a variety of activities in person, on line, by phone, at public events, etc. in order to invite broad participation. From time to time, throughout this document, the voices of different people will be heard who have been a part of this consultation. Overall, here's who we heard from, and under what circumstances.

Community Consultation in November 2010: 60 participants including shelter and service providers, the Minister of Community Services and senior staff, CAB members, faith-based community members and First Voice completed a dot-mocracy exercise to identify priorities for the coming period. They were also invited to provide general comments and feedback.

Online survey: 170 respondents representing a broad cross-section of the population including First Voice, CAB members, federal-provincial-municipal government employees, self-identifed concerned citizens, nurses, faith-based community members, etc. answered a short survey to identify priorities and prioritize the needs of various populations in terms of housing, shelter, services, etc. An invitation to take part in the survey was circulated to 1050 people via email, Twitter and in personal meetings with persons who do not use computers or have access to the Internet. Additionally, anyone viewing the website of Community Action on Homelessness throughout much of December and early January 2011 would have been asked to take part.

Publication Date: 
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada