Ending Youth Homelessness in KFL&A Update (March 2016)

Voice of Youth

Right from the start, the plan has been developed with the voice of youth. Youth have informed the plan at every stage. They identified the causes of youth homelessness in Kingston and area and they recommended solutions to address the issue.

In August 2015 a Youth Council was created. The mandate is to ensure voice and perspective of youth is at the forefront of the issue of youth homelessness, youth employment and any other programs that are being designed for youth. The council is made up of a diverse mix of youth recruited through organizations i.e. youth housing, youth employment programs, school boards, Y2K, Pathways to Education, Boys & Girls Club as well as youth in the community.

The Youth Council has begun planning for an annual Youth Forum to be held in the spring of 2016 and discussed topics that would be most useful for youth.

They have suggested bringing Adolescent Care Workers from both school boards together so they can be better informed about the services in the community and youth homelessness in general.

They have also recommended bringing together Guidance Counsellors from high schools to learn about existing and new employment and skills development programs, including careers of the future and new career options.

School Boards will work with United Way and the Youth Council to coordinate this.  

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