Housing Poverty: Putting Faces to the Numbers

The Affordable Housing Working Group (AHWG) is one of two working groups that form part of the Housing and Homelessness Partnership (Partnership). This consultation represents an important foundational piece for the Partnership as we work together to put an end to homelessness and housing poverty in the Halifax region.

As part of its June 2014 work plan, the Affordable Housing Working Group (AHWG) proposed a series of interviews across Halifax’s affordable housing universe. The interviews would introduce the Partnership to the wider sector, and enable the Working Group to get a look inside and put faces to the data it had assembled in the spring.

The mission, structure and membership of the Partnership would be introduced. The commitment of the Partnership’s eight members (organizations, institutions and three levels of government) to collaborate and cooperate to end homelessness and reduce housing poverty in the Halifax region would be acknowledged. Its two working groups would be described and the particular interest

of the AHWG in Halifax’s existing stock of ‘affordable’ owned and rented, private-, non-profit-, co-op- and public-sector housing, identified – its particular concern being to preserve, upgrade and add to the existing stock. 

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