Pater Noster House for AIDS

OBJECTIVES: To guide and train others who wish to open and successfully operate hospice approach housing for men, women, and children with AIDS, with a focus on problem solving and helping those who are homeless and/or dually diagnosed with substance abuse and mental illness. DESCRIPTION: A volunteer agency that has operated on last-minute miracles and has housed 189 persons with HIV/AIDS in the last six years, Twenty-five have died, including gay men, IV drug users, people recently released from prison, people with chemical abuse problems, and mentally ill persons who were deinstitutionalized. The program also focuses on assisting HIV-positive mothers and their infected babies in pursuing holistic care, case management and funding. RESULTS: The creation of a loving, caring environment with hospice care in a home-like setting. Some of those who enter Pater Noster House improve and move on to independent living; others go home to die. LESSONS LEARNED: Do it. Open a house and learn about such issues as drug screens, intake forms, group support, stress management, and love.

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International Conference on AIDS 8: 206 (abstract no. PuD 9044), 1992.