Policy Challenges to Homelessness Among Caribbean Youth in Toronto - Homeless Hub Research Summary Series

Immigrants have become a major presence in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), with some estimates suggesting approximately 50% of Toronto residents are now foreign born. It is important to understand their needs, particularly as immigrants are more likely to be vulnerable to housing insecurity and homelessness compared to those born in Canada. In addition, some research has shown that homeless youth from minority groups may be more reluctant than white homeless youth to access community or government resources for assistance as they prefer to utilize informal social networks. Those who lack such networks might be at increased risk of homelessness. The experience of homelessness may differ for young immigrants, particularly those of colour, who often encounter discriminatory treatment based on race, and are subject to racist policies and procedures within the public school system and other institutions, such as police services.

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Gaetz, S., O’Grady, B., Buccieri, K., Karabanow, J., & Marsolais, A. (Eds.), Youth Homelessness in Canada: Implications for Policy and Practice. Toronto: Canadian Homelessness Research Network Press.

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