The Ultimate Guide to the Collaboration Economy

The Ultimate Guide to the Collaboration EconomyBusiness as we know it is changing in fundamental ways due to powerful dynamics like information technology, globalization, and socialmedia. These dynamics are creating an environment where companies and professionals must become more collaborative to succeed. The“Collaboration Economy” can create tremendous opportunities for businesses in the form of new market opportunities and new ways of working,but it can also create uncertainty, particularly when it comes to transforming an organization into one that is capable of true collaboration.The benefits of collaboration are substantial. Companies that collaborate with employees, customers, and partners outperform their peers in anumber of different such as revenue growth, operating metrics, customer satisfaction, and employee retention.The Ultimate Guide to the Collaboration Economy is designed to help professionals and companies leverage collaboration. Companies can usethis ebook as a roadmap to become more collaborative in nature. It includes a discussion of how business is changing as well as an extensive listof best practices that help companies achieve a more collaborative state.The Collaboration MovementThe Collaboration Economy began as a movement in the 1990 as businesses everywhere realized that the Internet could be used as a tool toenable collaboration. Early collaboration applications such as email were rudimentary in nature and simply took offline forms of collaborationand moved them online. More recently, collaboration has taken on a life of its own as online collaboration platforms have emerged thatadvance how professionals create, share, and consume information and knowledge. At a high level, five dynamics have created a new way ofdoing business over the last couple of years that have revolutionized how companies collaborate. 1. Business as we know it is fundamentally changing. It’s evolving to be more collaborative and social as companies come to understand the benefits of collaboration. More effective collaboration among employees is yielding tremendous productivity improvements, while collaboration with customers is translating into directly attributable revenue growth. Much of this change stems from the way people create, share, and consume information in their personal lives. Personal media, communication, and technology habits are having a profound impact on how people work.

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