Vancouver Homeless Count 2013 Final report

The Vancouver Homeless Count conducted on March 13, 2013 is the seventh homeless count measuring the number of homeless people in the City of Vancouver. While always an undercount, 1,600 homeless persons were counted, comprised of 273 unsheltered homeless persons and 1,327 sheltered homeless. The total number of homeless people counted in Vancouver has remained stable for three years at approximately 1,600 persons, and the number of unsheltered homeless is down by 33 persons from 2012.

Since the first homeless count in 2002, the number of people found homeless in Vancouver peaked in 2010 at 1,715 people, and has since declined to 1,600 persons in 2013. The count results since 2011 suggest a stabilization of the total number homeless in Vancouver at approximately 1,600 individuals. Especially different since 2005 is the composition of Vancouver’s homeless population: fewer are unsheltered, a decline of 54%, and more are sheltered, an increase of 72%.

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Vancouver, BC, Canada